Wait, Who Are You?

I’m a writer and librarian from Colorado. But don’t let those credentials fool you, I’m also really slow at thinking. I’m one of those people that needs to sweat out their thoughts with ink and paper, or at least a Word doc. What you’ll get if you read this newsletter is mostly my voice, the tone of my thoughts as I write about books, politics, movies, or anything else worth considering, and much that might not be. A good old-fashioned blog in other words. One that’s mostly about books, I’ll admit, but one in which I try to keep the prose fast and the length short(ish). Every now and then I’ll don my librarian hat and tell you about a book you have to read or else I’ll personally fine you ten cents for every day you don’t.

The only thing I really want you to read, though, is my fiction, the most recent of which you can find here. Thanks!

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Joel Cuthbertson

I’m a writer from Denver.